RSTB Shirts Are In!!!


I’ve been wanting to get together some Raven merch for a long time and now things have finally aligned to make it happen. For the first ever Raven Sings the Blues t-shirt I asked award-winning illustrator Will Sweeney to design a shirt and he went for it! The design sums up all the psychedelic chaos you know and love from RSTB and highlights Sweeney’s intense character work. I’ve always thought of RSTB as a secret handshake between music freaks and now there’s some official merch to let ’em know you’re in on the secret.

The first batch is in stock now. Future shirts will be printed on a per batch basis and will be shipped out as I get enough orders to fill print minimums. Keeping things small and and emphasizing quality around here. They should ship out a couple of weeks from purchase date. This is the first printing of the Sweeney design in a Black/Pink colorway, details of the design can be seen up close below. Buy ’em HERE!

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