RSTB Radio Show: January


Back here again with the first edition of Crawl Out From the Fallout in the new year. The date might have changed but the show’s still locking down some great new music that filtered in over the past month. Got a lot of new music on the horizon already, so at least something’s going right twelve days into this year. New cuts from Bobby Lee, Young Guv, Bingo Trappers, Savoy Motel, Painted Shrines, Ostraaly, Weak Signal and Plankton Wat. Plus, there are plenty of faves and a few classics rounding out the set as usual. You can stream the whole show over at WGXC and check out the tracklist down below.


Golden Brown – Muskrat Flats /// Eli Winter – Maroon /// Heron – Upon Reflection /// Norma Tanega – You’re Dead /// Bobby Lee – Fire Medicine Man /// Little Gold – Swap Meet /// Velvet Crush – Why Not Your Baby /// Young Guv – Maybe I Should Luv Somebody Else /// Beachwood Sparks – Midsummmer Daydream /// Bingo Trappers – Rearranging the Light /// Real Numbers – Brighter Then /// Savoy Motel – Wilson Jacqueline /// Supreme Joy – Sofa /// Bill Fox – I’ll Give It Away /// Pop Filter – Waiting To Be New /// Painted Shrines – Gone /// Permits – Negative Heart /// Ostraaly – daddyswims /// Wurld Series – Nap Gate /// The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness – Can’t You See /// Pill Fangs – Eventually Everyone /// Weak Signal – What’s A Girl To Do /// Styrofoam Winos – Stuck In A Museum /// Bobby Would – So To Say /// Cory Hanson – Paper Fog /// Upupayāma – Green Cabana /// Beautify Junkyards – Cosmorama /// Sky Burrow Tales – Muscovite /// Plankton Wat – Nightfall /// Spiral Wave Nomads – Radiant Drifter /// Mac Blackout – Call For Love

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