Redshift is a pretty solid step forward for Rhyton. The NY trio have always had the noise and tangled weave of psych down solid, but now they’re letting in their sound breathe, the experimental impulses creep up and the personal passions sink in. For a lot of band’s that can be the time when things get bloated, but for Rhyton its like finding the missing piece of the puzzle. They scramble down the same alleyways as Sir Richard Bishop, chasing fingerpicked psych narratives, obsessing over alternate tunings and finding solace in cherished instruments of the past. Hell that’s just the opener. Elsewhere they let Shuford blow things into country territory, with his bar-stool folk twisted on a twang and feeling completely off the cuff. They devolve into psych breakdowns and draw out the inner cosmic demons through noise explorations.

On paper that sounds like it might be all over the place, but on record it flows by like scenery; rolling and jagging and changing by the minute. Its country psych, but with the heart of an experimental guitar head. Redshift causes the listener to forget that this is the sound of just three players, feeling like there have to be at least a few other hands in the mix somewhere. Then they blow it all down on a Joe Walsh cover, making “Turn To Stone” feel fresh and a seamless part of their burnt sienna wonderland. The band has always been ambitious, but they’ve never succeeded quite like this. It looks good on them.

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