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Over the last few years Tony Molina has begun to crystalize his sound — an indie pop overload crammed into bite-sized blasts that are somehow crunch and calm. He’s found a way to fold folk, pop punk, power pop, and indie into whiplash wonders that lodge themselves into the brain but somehow always leaving the listener wanting just a bit more. That sound didn’t crawl out of the canon fully formed, though. For years, Tony worked in a similar, albeit more punk-centered vein in Ovens. The band, a Bay Area favorite that’s been kicking around since the early aughts, acted as the crusted crucible for Molina’s songwriting, the bulk of which were put together into an eponymous CD on tUMULt records, run by Andee from Aquarius.

The collection culls together the makings of four albums, with a fifth reportedly still floating about in the ether somewhere. It’s a stuffed sitting, cramming Weezer’s ‘90s baroque flourishes and Thin Lizzy licks into a Descendants-sized sausage skin. Oakland’s Tankcrimes label steps up to give the collection its proper four sides of wax, pressing the collection down to a 2xLP that tries in vain to contain the careen of Ovens’ oeuvre. While Molina may certainly have slipped his way onto your shelf, its likely that Ovens has eluded the speakers up to this point, but now’s the time to right the wrongs of the past.

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