never young beach – “こころのままに Kokoro No Mamani ”


A recurring, and welcome face around here has become Yuma Abe. The Japanese songwriter has released a solo album on Temporal Drift, now well known for their reissues of Les Rallizes Dénudés, and he’s collaborated with fellow RSTB fave Spencer Cullum Jr. However, in his home country, Yuma’s band never young beach eclipses any of these in popularity, with the band having evolved as something if an indie staple over the past few years. Encompassing country, surf, and indie pop buffed to a plastic sheen, the band has continued to evolve over the years. NYB have embrace a few standalone singles of late, following their 2019 album Story, the latest of which finds the band skewing as close as they’ve ever come to folk and “New Music,” leaning into the constant comparisons to Japanese legends Happy End. The band turn down the sheen in favor of faded aesthetics, folk arrangements, and communal vocals that recline in the sun on their new single, letting loose a new sound that could easily be slipped in alongside offerings from Even A Tree Can Shed Tears. The single will accompany an upcoming Japanese film release, but it’s out now with an excellent video in tow, animated by Mark Neeley.

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