Ned Collette – “Our Other History”

It’s been a while since I’ve heard a new recording from Ned Collette, but after shows around the US last year (including a beautiful set at Deep In The Valley) he’s fresh in mind. Today, Ned announces a new record, another overcast collection of songs that drench the soul. The first cut out of the bag is album opener “Our Other History,” a mercurial song that finds Collette’s strums augmented with soft clouds of keys and background vocals from Leah Senior. Elsewhere the album features contributions from members of Dirty Three, The Necks, and Elisabeth Fuchsia, who accompanied him on his last tour. In his liners for the album, Byron Coley nods to Roy Harper, an immediate anchor point for Ned’s winding compositions. Like Harper, or Robert Wyatt, Collette captures our imagination, building worlds of sound around the listener in the longform. The eight minute opus is an excellent way to ease into the upcoming Our Other History, out September 6th from Sophomore Lounge.

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