Nathan Salsburg – “Psalm 147”


The works of Nathan Salsburg have been hitting a pretty excellent stride over the past few years. HIs two EPs centered around samples of 78 RPM records shaded in his always emotive playing, and he’s just coming off of 12” with Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy that sculpted the works of writer Max Porter into a trio of songs as wind-bitten and raw as its title. Not one to rest easy on those accomplishments Salsburg has pushed himself to craft a new tether to his spirituality, finding himself adrift from the Jewish songs of his youth and not engaging with contemporary liturgical Hebrew works. In place of those he’s chosen to create something new. Picking out Psalms that had resonant meaning coupled with interesting cadence, he began to form them into an album of devotional pieces that, while meditative and solitary, still find the seed of connection and community that was present in those youthful endeavors. The record, simply titled Psalms, was put together with contributions from Noa Babayof, David Brook, Stephen Burns, Jean Cook, Jacob Duncan, James Elkington, Nick Macri, Will Oldham, Joan Shelley, and Spencer Tweedy. The LP arrives August 20th from No Quarter.

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