Nancy – “I Want One”


Everything about this track is dumb fun, and like Nobunny before them Nancy is completely unconcerned with fidelity, decorum or whether or not you give a shit about them or their knockaround riffs. “I Want One’ is a hundred foot wave of candied amplification crashing down on you from all directions. Its pop. Its punk. Its bubblegum sweet and sticky as hell but its also a perfect blast to beat back the world. Whatever’s bringing the blues can’t withstand “I Want One.” There are plenty of amped up peelers on Nancy’s upcoming LP for Germany’s Erste Theke Tontraeger label, but this one burns a hole like summer incarnate. Technically the first half of this puppy’s already been an EP for Eat The Life Records, but who cares if its old. Its getting a full length treatment with a whole new stack of tracks on the flip and if its new to you then its just as shiny as ever. Go ahead and crank it.

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