Nagykörű Sessions


Caught this one from some Twitter chatter the other day (thanks to Jeff Conklin, WVKR) and its an excellent entry into the world of Hungary’s Psychedelic Source Records. The label acts as a catch all for extended jam sessions between members of band’s swirling in the label’s orbit — Contremarque, Satorinaut, Lemurian Folk Songs, LIquidacid, Quantumgate, and Pilot Voyager. The sounds on Nagykörű Sessions were recorded in camp on the banks of the Tisza River. With a mobile studio setup the collective has captured a particular twilight sound that’s languid and loose, letting the condensation cool of songs like “Dull Rivershell Blues” drip off of the walls as it steams out of the speakers. With a slight dub chewiness to the sounds here, the band knocks out a fiver of tracks all pushing between eight and twenty-two minutes, each more magnetic than the last. The set pulls the listener into a damp blanket of sound, a humid hideaway from the encroaching cold.

While quite a few psych improv sets tend to find a burndown peak, on Nagykörű Sessions, the players seem quite content to find a sort of narcotized balance, hovering in the space between stasis and serenity. The darkness in the set is palpable and if this was recorded any time other than about 3 AM, you’ve fooled me. The label’s output is impressive and the constantly tessellating lineups keep this a space to watch for new psychedelic journeys as the days wear on. As the days turn darker, though, this set is one to keep in mind to heat up this autumn.

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