Mythic Sunship – “Tempest”


This one tumbled out of nowhere on Friday and I couldn’t be happier with an addition to 2022’s upcoming releases. Following up on one my favorites of 2021, their Tee Pee debut, Wildfire, the band already has a new album finished and ready for release in September. Shirking off their more improvisational approach, the band hunkered down in RMV Studios for nearly a week to compose the upcoming Light/Flux. The first single is a firestorm worthy of the name “Tempest.” Grinding with a gnarled fury the band lets riff overtake them in a way they haven’t previously, before the torn and tussled sax comes in to tear the track to shreds. The band has long been one of the best exports of a fertile Danish scene and they continue to stun even after leaving the local enclave of El Paraiso behind. This one is out September 30th on Tee Pee.

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