Moundabout – Sacred & Profane


The first single from Moundabout’s sophomore album solidifies the duo as much more than a side project. Composed of Paddy Shine (Gnod) and Phil Masterson (Damp Howl, Bisect) arose last year on the sparse, psych-folk release Flowers Rot, Bring Me Stones. The band sought to ferret out a new form of psychedelic Irish folk, and their debut was firmly rooted in a spectral form of new traditionals. From the first strains of An Cnoc Mór, the band pushes further towards the psychedelic strain of their sound, letting some of the folk forms char in their thickened sound. Feeling more akin to something like Voice of the Seven Woods or labelmates Lay Llamas, the pair lean into the electronic whirlpool that swirls beneath their guitars. The cinder and soot hang heavy on “Sacred & Profane,” giving the song a menacing countenance that’s imposing and yet enticing — firelight framing midnight rituals in a hypnotic glow. The new album arrives August 4th from Rocket Recordings. Check out the entrancing video for “Sacred & Profane” above.

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