Mixtape: Sunshine Earthquake – PsychPop Nuggets for a New Age


Been a while since I’ve had a mixtape, but getting the new site settle took a bit of that extra time this year. For the last couple of years it’s been great to round up the new wave of cosmic country into mixes and I’ve been meaning to do the same thing for psych-pop. Inspired by the scope of the original Nuggets boxes, I’ve decided to cast a wide net – including songs that skew towards the jangly and others that let the shadow of heaviness loom large. For this one the time period is the past few years, just to get things started, but hopefully this leads to some yearly mixes to come. The weather is nice and we could all use a little shakeup these days. Sunshine Earthquake it is, then.

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1. Triptides – Let It Go
2. Mystic Braves – Down On Me
3. Cool Ghouls – In Michoacan
4. ROY – Where The Mind Meets The Eye
5. Joe Ghatt – Farewell
6. Lucille Furs – Paint Euphrosyne Blue
7. The Babe Rainbow – Eureka
8. Winter McQuinn – Agent Apple Orange
9. Daniel Romano – Whispers In The Garden
10. Holy – Heard Her
11. Michael Rault – Sitting Still
12. GospelbeacH – Albatross Baby
13. The Vacant Smiles – Weirdo ($20)
14. Mind Meld – You’re Not Free
15. Frankie and the Witch Fingers – Sunshine Earthquake
16. Grave Flowers Bongo Band – Down Man
17. Hoover III – Bird On A Wire
18. Sean Thompson’s Weird Ears – Sun’s Hiding
19. Robert Sotelo – Mister
20. Tracy Bryant – Between Us
21. Sunfruits – Mushroom Kingdom
22. Steady Sun – To Lash Around
23. Moon Duo – Fever Night

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