Mixtape: Much Too Late

A companion piece to another mix I did about a year ago called It’s Too Late All of A Sudden. A second round up of newer artists that lean towards ‘70s aesthetics in some capacity. The comp creeps through L.A. Canyon folk, piano pop hangovers that give way to a more neon-lit evening before collapsing in a Sunset hotel room for lack of resolve to return home. Cheap steaks, dim-lit jukeboxes, and last call cocktails mix with the wood paneling. There’s a sense of ‘70s pop’s melt towards something a bit more addled but never agitated. Shades of Let It Be mix with the strains of ABBA from a passing car, an ozone fizz of glam rises for only a moment before being consumed by narcotic whiffs of BOC, Heart, and a JJ Cale cool down, all filtered through a modern crop of artists that make the touchstones feel palpable but echo in strange reverberations.


Stella Kola – Epiphany
Cactus Lee – River Rhone
Triptides – Unwound
Stewart Forgey – Starry Dream
Pearl Charles – Deja Vu
Symphony Orchestra – Intersection
Sam Blasucci – Every Night On The Farm
Vanity Mirror – Tuesday’s News
The Cowboys – American Boy
Color Green – High and Low
Scott Hirsch – Much Too Late
Psychic Temple – When The Money Comes In
Sweat – Dark Horses (White Lies)
Daniel Romano’s Outfit – Baby If We Stick It Out
Hot Apple Band – Old Age
Jonathan Rado – Don’t Wait Too Long
Allah-Las – Star
ROY – Spoons For The World
Velveteen Rabbit – Star in the Making
The Lemon Twigs – Rock On (Over and Over)
Billy Tibbals – Dream Away

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