Maya Ongaku – “Nuska”


I’m up for pretty much anything that comes down from the Guruguru Brain label. The outfit has been collecting some of the most essential nodes of Japanese psychedelia over the last few years and the latest offering feels like another essential. Hailing outside of the country’s urban centers near the small island Enoshima, Maya Ongaku trade in a peaceful strain of psych-folk. The band runs the small boutique, Ace General Store, tucking away a studio in the back to work on music when the shop’s not busy. “Nuska” finds the band cocooned in calm — flutes float over slow plucks of guitar, hand percussion, and a smattering of field recordings. The song digs into the same vibes as Ghost, Six Organs of Admittance, or The Birdtree, pairing spare folk with an air of mystery that surrounds it in wisps of thick fog. The band’s new album, Approach to Anima, is out May 26th from Guruguru Brain.

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