Matt Surfin’ & Friends – “Waiting On You”


New slice of shimmer pop out today from Matt Surfin’ and Friends, the collaborative project of Matt Serferian (Donovan Wolfington, POPE). “Waitin’ On You” on you slides in on Summer winds, catching some of the downdraft from The Cars as well as more contemporary pop diggers Sam Flax and Wyatt Blair. The band was conceived as a collective of friends and this track features Ross Farbe and Ray Micarelli from Video Age. Ross provides the vocal treatment that gives the band its seabreeze air to match Serferian’s musical pleather punch. Matt recalls the song’s incubation – “Waiting On You” is a collaborative work between Ross, Ray, and myself. I felt like I couldn’t do some of the ideas I had justice so I asked Ross if he would be interested in singing the song and maybe helping me rework some parts. We met up months later, rewrote the verses and changed the feel to something more like a dance version of the cleaners from Venus. We wrote and recorded it all in about 8 hours. It was a blast working with such talented musicians and song writers as Ross and Ray as they solidified and expanded my ideas.”

The Records is out May 3rd on Community Records, limited to 300.

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