Maston – “Ghost”


The last few offerings from Frank Maston have focused on his penchant for library funk, synth slink, and all manner of instrumental bliss. He’s breaking that mold with the second single from Souvenir. The Neo-soul of “Ghost” breathes into the room on a blast of cold air. The modern formica funk that he lays down here is draped in palette saturated by olive and auburn hues of the ‘70s. The coils of synth that wind through the cut are sleek and shined to perfection. Then, atop this pastiche of collected cool Frank gives a vocal delivery that’s practically reclined poolside. The air-conditioned ache of the song comes hissing through the speakers in refreshing waves. Its hard to remember sometimes that while he’s a consummate instrumentalist, Maston is also an ace pop producer, giving out-of-time touches to Paint and Bifannah and helping to shape the sound of Jacco Gardner’s similarly rococo music landscape. That same sensibility informs the vocal takes on Souvenir. The new record is out September 10 on Innovative Leisure / Calico Discos.

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