Massage – “Made of Moods”


A second lovesick jangler from Massage makes its way out this week, and with Bandcamp Friday on the horizon its a good reminder to get this one on your list. The L.A. band cools things off after the fuzz-flecked “Half a Feeling” and returns to similar territory as their essential debut. With a diaphanous haze of sunlight draped over the track, “Made of Moods” is as heart-sick as the band has ever been, pairing the twing tangle of guitars with starry-eyed synths and the kind of harmonies that wash over a listener in waves. This record pushes the band’s sound in many ways, but at their core, the spectre of Homestead-swathed American Indie rears its head again and again. Just the kind of song to usher in the crisp sunshine of Spring. The record, which arrives via a phalanx of labels (Mt.St.Mtn, Bobo Integral, Tear Jeark) this summer, is out June 25th.

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