Massage – “Half A Feeling”


One of the unsung gems of 2018 was Oh Boy, the debut from Los Angeles’ Massage. The band blended indie pop touchstones into a bittersweet quilt that scooped up nods to The Go-Betweens, Sarah Records and Flying Nun. They poured over Feelies’ riffs and Tweprs b-sides to land on a sound that was a timeless nod to jangle-pop’s perseverance. With a new album on the horizon they add a bit of a warm fuzz blanket to the mix, peppering in shades of Jesus and Mary Chain to their sound on “Half a Feeling.” A new LP, Still Life, is on the way from powerhouse EU indie Bobo Integral early this summer and it sits nicely alongside the label’s recent issues from The Boys With the Perpetual Nervousness and Ezrat, channeling the indie earnestness of the Creation 12” bin to a new era. Recorded with Lewis Pesacov (Fool’s Gold, Foreign Born, Peel’d) at his intimate backyard studio in Echo Park and mixed by Jed Smith (My Teenage Stride, Jeanines) the sophomore LP continues to evolve Massage’s sound, yet retains a certain effortlessness that made their debut such a delight. The new record is out June 25th as a co-release with Mt. St. Mtn. (US) and Tear Jerk (Australia).

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