Marisa Anderson & William Tyler – “At The Edge of the World”


Another inroad into the upcoming Lost Futures album from Marisa Anderson and William Tyler emerges today. The pair have merged their styles for the collaborative album, but this one leans decidedly towards the fluid, driving sound of Marisa’s work. The clouds have closed in here, drawing away some of Tyler’s sunnier phrasing, but even in an overcast light, the pair create something that sparkles with a tantalizing glow. The counterpoint to their double guitar tangle is violin from Gisela Rodriguez Fernandez, whose playing dances through the shrouded light with an entrancing intensity. This cut hits at a perfect time. With the rather timely name, “At The Edge of the World” and its overwhelming motion, the song feels like the score to the unsettling nature of the past month. The new record is out next week, August 27th, from Thrill Jockey.

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