Lewsberg – “Sweets”


A nice little surprise from Lewsberg today. The band’s been consistently offering up some of the best stripped down pop these past few years, with their most recent album, In Your Hands, taking their austerity to new levels. The band’s 2020 burner, In This House, was brittle and brash, a primal guitar album that turned the Velvets’ and Lovers’ early years into a magnetic north for songwriting. Last year’s mini-album found them dismantling that aesthetic, or at least following a bit further down the line on their influences, allowing a softness to supplant the leathered and lean sounds that had been their bread n’ butter. The band offer up a new cassingle that pairs the twilight sway of “Sweets” from In Your Hands with an instrumental soaked in sadness in the form of “The Playground.” Arie’s violin takes on a more important role parrying weeping lines with the guitar’s soft strum, yet another side of the band that finds them shifting away from the heavy notes of their past. Check out the charms of the new video for “Sweets and pick up the cassette/digital at their Bandcamp.

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