Lewsberg – “An Ear To The Chest”


Another essential single rides out of the upcoming Lewsberg LP, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. The Dutch four-piece embark on their latest LP for 12xU, further refining their stripped and sinewy brand of Velvets n’ Vicodin post-punk. Pairing an insistent strum with buzzing synths and the band’s now ever-present numb but piercing vocal inflection, they chew on the ragged tails of Feelies, The Embarassment, and Young Marble Giants. “An Ear To The Chest” greets the listener with a steel wool welcome, that burrows its way under the skin by the time it hits to a halt. The new record, Out And About, has plenty more itch in store, so get prepared as it slides onto shelves September 8th.

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