Lauren Barth – “Durango”


Friday was a bit packed in terms of announcements and new music, but it would be a shame to let this one slip through the cracks. The new album from Lauren Barth (The Wizards of West) touches on a reserved West Coast tenderness, hinting at ‘70s folk and Cosmic American touchstones, but also reaching into a much more expansive sounds that cull from the deep well of storytelling that caught hooks in the UK around the same time. It’s a bit stuck between worlds like Jansch’s L.A. Turnaround. With producer Lewis Pesacov (Pearl Charles, Best Coast) she’s created an album that’s cradled in a narrative of commune spiritualism. As Barth explains, the album revolves around, “a young woman and spiritual leader of a commune, who is blind yet finds her way by a heightened sense of awareness, caught between the physical world of “Rialto” and the spiritual of “Morian.” Stormwaiting is slang for living in Rialto and the storm is the tempest within Morian. “Durango” finds the protagonist navigating the album’s titular storm. The record is out April 14th from Spiritual Pajamas.

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