Kids on a Crime Spree – “When Can I See You Again”


Another great surprise from 2021 and I hope these kind never stop. Back in 2011Kids on a Crime spree released a damn near perfect EP, a promise of sorts, that was followed by a few stray singles and splits, but then silence. Now the band charges into the new year with a debut album on Slumberland in tow. The band makes good on the wait, though with a charged up single that’s pure indie pop bliss. With fuzzed leads and a breathless pulse, “When Can I See You Again” barrels into the room with a permanent smile stitched across its face. As their peers on Slumberland seem satisfied with the jangle, KOACS take their tack in a different direction, coating their cuddliness in a thick tangle of fuzz and froth. They pull from the Mary Chain/Jasmine Minks school more than most of the label’s stable. Excited to get a full tenner of songs from the band when this lands January 21st.

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