Keven Louis Lareau – “Take Me Back To The Country”


The singles that have come from the camp of Keven Louis Lareau (Cut Worms) have all been killer distillations of cosmic country and sunlit Americana. They’ve been few and far between, but every time Keven has something new to share it’s an instant essential to those craving an unfussed air of calm and comfort. The new single picks up on a bit of bummer L.A. burnout, feeling like kin and companion to “Lonesome L.A. Cowboy.” The song captures the strain of ‘70s country rock that permeated acts like Help Yourself, Cowboy, Taos, and Sand with perfect ease. The cut is a standalone single once again, but there’s always hope that the assembled pieces that have found their way out are leading up to an album, one that would be highly anticipated around here. This might not leave the speakers for some time around here.

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