Julie Doiron – “You Gave Me The Key”

There are some artists that seem to evoke a certain point in time, personally at least. While the works of Julie Doiron aren’t dated by any means, I have strong memories of Woke Myself Up and Goodnight Nobody soundtracking late night train rides in my twenties and I tend to tie her music to those years in particular. Those albums not only took hold, but she lead me backward to Eric’s Trip, pulling tight musical threads that should have been woven into my repertoire sooner, but still seemed to surface at just the right time. News that she’s back with a new album for You’ve Changed Records comes as an excellent win for 2021. The album opener “You Gave Me The Key” is bathed in the kind of immediacy that’s always made Doiron’s works instantly slot into heavy rotation. With a cotton-slouched comfort and airtight hook, the song slips its arm around the listener to lean back and exhale out the ends of the day. The scars of age mark me, but Julie’s music still has the ability to feel boundlessly bouyant, like a post-night-out glow. It’s a nice introduction to the charms of I Thought of You, which finds its way out November 26th.

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