John Andrews & the Yawns – “River of Doubt”


The second single from the upcoming John Andrews & the Yawns LP lands today and its further proof that Andrews’ sound has coalesced into a more verdant territory than ever before. Coming from a member of Quilt that’s saying something, too. “River of Doubt” is ensconced in a half-sighed feeling of ennui tempered by trepidation, the pull of uncertainty dragging one away from chance and closer to the familiar. The video juxtaposes shots of home and the road, a tug-o-war between the familiar and the hunger of the unexpected. While the Yawns have found their purchase in the folk that’s informed many of John’s peers, Cookbook is a more pillowy affair, an album that instantly conjures feelings of wooden walls and sunlit porches, dimmed lighting and the companion of conversation among friends who’ve been absent for too long. In a year set adrift, a song like “River of Doubt” feels like letting out the tension that’s been held in the diaphragm unconsciously for too long. The new record is out May 14th from Woodsist.

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