Jeffrey Silverstein – “Chet”


Another excellent single slips out of the upcoming album from Jeffrey Silverstein. Following on the mid-afternoon vocal drawl of “Cowboy Grass,” “Chet” returns to his instrumental inclinations. Based around a Chet Atkins riff that was lodged in his head, the song finds Jeffrey sparring with Barry Walker Jr. as usual, but also bringing in William Tyler as well. The riff found its way into his aura as an Atkins record got stuck on the needle, creating a nice little lock groove that proved too enticing to just ignore. The tone and tumble of the riff were turned into the bones for “Chet” and it squares nicely with Silverstein’s own widescreen sepia scrawl, washing over the listener as it washed over him. The new record Western Sky is out May 12th from Arrowhawk Records.

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