Jeff Parker ETA IVtet – “2019-07-08 II”


I don’t know how this announcement slipped out so quietly, but just from the first inroads on the available track, this is going to be an essential release for 2022. Jeff Parker has amassed a rather essential catalog across several ensembles (The New Breed, Chicago Odense Ensemble, Chicago Underground Quartet) and his latest was born out of a residency at Highlands Park space The Enfield Tennis Academy. As the title suggests, the quartet met for Monday sets between 2019 and 2021 with 10+ hours of tape capturing the sets. Alongside Jeff the quartet is rounded out with drummer Jay Bellerose, bassist Anna Butterss, & alto saxophonist Josh Johnson, each adding color and shading to the hypnotic, circular pieces that make up the 2xLP live set. The band interpolates some standards and Parker originals, but mostly this is a deep dive into the band’s improvisational abilities — a sparkling whirlpool of sound that can be heard on “2019-07-08 II.” The record, Mondays at The Enfield Tennis Academy, is out October 28th from Eremite, recent home of Natural Information Society and TEST among their legendary older offerings.

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