Irth – EP 1


A bit of an under the radar EP out of New Zealand this week, featuring members of Ounce and X-Ray Friends. The project is a new pseudonym for RSTB favorite graphic designer Callum Rooney and Antony Pike, pushing away from the fuzz-crusted psych and frantic energy of their past projects and delving into the cosmic cloud. With the steady lope of the drum machine grinding behind them, the band meld Neu and Ash Ra ripples into an album of nocturne dosed dalliances and mind expanding synth trips. This seems like the artists just dipping their toes into the pool of midnight mercury here, but I hope this winds up more than just a one off Bandcamp issue. On “Fried Ege,” and “Night Trip,” the pair are definitely locking onto something that could use more exploration. The new EP is out now as a pay as you wish release.

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