Invisible Astro Healing Rhythm Quartet


First things first, that’s a hell of a handle. You go and name yourselves something that indebted to the ethos of space jazz and you better damn well cut close to the veins Bitches Brew or have a standing ticket on the Arkestra’s spaceship. For the most part, IAHRQ seem to be chasing that same chrysalis down a rabbit hole of groove and syrupy psych-funk that informs the stretched minds of those 70’s experimenters. Mind you they’re following in some deep footsteps and while maybe not widening the ruts too much from where their forbears may tread, they know how to play to their strengths and take listeners on the journey. They inject a certain amount of African funk to the mix as well, though they dull the edge away from some of the more jagged sounds of the Sahara with a bubble of lysergic energy that just taps at the glass of that continent’s influence but never opens the cage wide. 2 dips out of a heavy groove on the opener, “Praise One,” to lay back into some mellow, almost strummy vibes on “Praise Two” They hit on Blacksploitation funk and soundtrack skronk before laying way back into the ether groove to close it out. This is patently not what I’d expect out of Trouble In Mind, but that’s becoming a good thing about the garage homestead. They’ve begun to follow their passions and though its no longer a cohesive sound coming from their ranks, they seem to know that the best labels take you where you need to go and you just have to trust that they’ve got ears big enough to find it all.


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