Ill Globo – “Streamlined Success”


Got another shot across the bow from RSTB South Hemi fave Aarght Records today. The label, who’s had some stunners from Eddy Current Suppression Ring, UV Race, Ausmuteants amigo others, is going for the throat with a new EP from Melbourne’s Ill Globo. Unlike the punk and post-punk stripes bolstered by many on the roster, Ill Globo wields a hardcore halberd that cuts to the bone. However, much like fellow Aussie thrashers Bench Press, the band doesn’t take much stock in the puffed and preening Midwestern machismo that often accompanies the genre. First cut “Streamlined Success” thrashes and smashes with the same freewheeling gusto the genre wears with pride though — taking the breakneck bus around the turns with a wicked smile on their faces. Its been a sweat stain of grief here in The States lately and this slicer is perfect, sweaty company to the pent up frustration and hotbox humidity.

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Photo: Emily Herbert

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