Home Blitz – “What We Wore”


Home Blitz has been bubbling sub-underground for years, perhaps sticking their necks out most notably on a pair of Mexican Summer releases in ’11/ ‘12 back when the label was throwing a few darts at the wall to see what stuck. The band has since stuck it out around the Richie / Gulcher axis and on their own, but they jump to Sophomore Lounge for an upcoming EP that starts out strong with the bright, infectious, though all too brief, “What We Wore.” The song is wrapped in an ‘80s power pop aura, but where it could have dug in and let the hook draw blood the band gets in and out like Tony Molina playing things loose on the East Coast. The band has never shied away from brevity, but this one knocks their tightness up a notch. Still, its a bright, buoyant slice of Home Blitz that’s hard to resist. All Through The Year is out August 7th from Sophomore Lounge, as I mentioned.

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