Hollow Ship – “Where Are We Now?”


Gothenburg’s Hollow Ship expand their debut album from last year, a release that was a bit overshadowed by its April release during peak pandemic last year. The album was a psych-rock ripper, though, and now the band repackage the album alongside an expanded tracklist that includes new material — “Where Are We Now?”, the 16 minute jam title track “Future Remains” and the previously released b-side “Air”. Today you can dip into the synth storm of “Where Are We Now?,” a heady hummer full of swirling guitars, processed flute, and prog-addled synth warbles. If you’d missed out on Future Remains in its fist go-round, this is a nice chance to dive back into a more robust psych storm.

The band sums it up nicely, “Where Are We Now?” is a reflection on the past and present human experience. In an ever changing world, we are constantly facing the same confusion. Social decline disguised as progression. To take the right step ahead we must first understand and answer the question Where Are We Now?  The new edition clambers onto shelves November 19th, again from PNKSLM.

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