Hartle Road – “Rear Projection”


Making up for lost time on this one as I was out of town when this graced the speakers, but the new album from Hartle Road hits hard from the outset with “Rear Projection.” The first single is a brittle n’ bulbous bit of post-punk that bounds into the room on bass, the wire tangle of guitars, and the yelp and yowl of Toby and Max Hartleroad. The song sets the stage for MAXX II, the band’s follow-up to their 2016 opus MAXX. Slippery, with hackles and hangups, the song is an introvert’s anthem that builds and breaks when the walls get too tight. The new album finds the band on a split release between K Recs and Perennial Death. MAXX II wriggles into the light September 29th.

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