Good Looks


This one looks like its flying a bit under the radar, but reveals a lot of charm on repeated listens. The debut from Austin’s Good Looks feels like a record from a band more seasoned than they are. Torn hearts and the crush of capitalism weigh heavy on in the band’s lyrics, Texas country and third whiskey indie run through the amplifiers in a deft balance. Tyler Jordan’s rumpled resolve stares at the listener from the far end of the bar, head in one hand, three fingers of relief in the other. Like emotionally bare contemporaries State Champion the band mold weathered story-songs into something that knocks above your basic brand of indie or alt-country.

Bummer Year is an album about putting away old habits, wild hairs, wild oats, and grievances. It’s an album that’s waking up sober, but not necessarily on its feet just yet, staring down the day, the week, the year with a wary eye. There’s a whiff of nostalgia for the life left behind, but the cold walk home spent thinking bout why the leaving was necessary shakes out the rosy glow. A heavy, dust-caked debut that feels like the first in a string of albums to watch from the Texas outfit.

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