Friday saw the release of the second excellent offering from Matt Rolin and Jen Powers this year — Matt’s third LP of the year if you’re countin’. This time the duo picks up on again/off again foil Jayson Gerycz (Cloud Nothings) for another stare down the barrel of bliss. The trio had an engrossing cassette out on Garden Portal a little while back and they expand on the ideas laid there with a full length for American Dreams. Like their essential Strange Fortune from earlier in the year, Jen and Matt tap into a natural thrum that’s vibrating somewhere in the spectrum of light that most people can only catch flickers of out of the corners of their eye. Here they hone in on the resplendent wonder of the shimmer between the rainbow’s end and the ionosphere’s beginning like scribes translating for the masses.

The interplay of guitar and dulcimer ripples through the consciousness, adding a bit of temporary space between the atoms while their music hangs on the air. The cool, dampness of the record harnesses the vapors they’ve been tracing and brings them close to the Earth. Gerycz acts as a shepherd in the rough, guiding their glimmer with grace and patience. His playing is minimal, but cradling, a tender ear to help the stings rise higher into the night sky. The pair of Powers / Rolin have been quietly building a catalog of impressive quality and Lamplighter adds more necessity to the rolls. Don’t miss out.

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