Frankie & The Witch Fingers – “Cookin’ b/w Tracksuit”

After a (quite literally) monster of an album last year, Frankie and the Witch Fingers preface a US tour with a greasy rockslide of riffs drenched in sweat rag soul. The double-shot single burns into view with the propulsive thrust of “Cookin’,” an 8-cylinder shot of exhaust, bacon grease, and diner jukebox backup vocals. The song sums up the entitled air that humanity slides in the face of nature’s erosion — the chaotic death wish of capitalism vs. looming cloud of extinction. The song is a visceral fireball headed toward the five-minute mark with no signs of slowing for breath along the way. A bit of the band’s lysergic lean has melted into the oil slick aura on this one, giving the band hard rock hunger that’s eaten shaken off the shimmer. The flip shows no signs of backsliding in that regard. Hung on an insistent riff, “Tracksuit” is a body high contortion of groove and 240 watts of guitar fury pummeling the back of the skull. With Monsters Eating People Eating Monsters… the band began to pull in an appetite for stadium-sized rumble, and this single seems like a turning point straight into the belly of the maelstrom.

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