Flowertown – “The Way Back”


San Francisco’s Flowertown already have a great LP on the board for 2021 (a comp of their first two tapes) and now they aim to make it two, with a second record on the way. Marking the first vinyl release for San Francisco’s indie-pop harbor, Paisley Shirt Records, Karina Gill & Mike Ramos head back into the cocoon for another dose of tape-hiss tossed indie-pop that tugs at the heart and cradles the consciousness. The duo find themselves orbiting the same ache that quite a few ‘90s forbears found comfort in, echoing the intimacy of Low, Acetone, Galaxie 500, and Bedhead while aligning themselves with contemporaries like Aussies Mope City. “The Way Back” finds the band nurturing their wounds, pushing aside some of their brighter hooks for a post-storm saunter beneath the grey-streaked skies. While its one of their more subtle takes, it has a magnetism to it that radiates in waves, pulling the listener close and holding them fast until the spell is broken. The new record is out August 20th from Paisley Shirt.

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