Farmer Dave & The Wizards of West – “High Line”


More goodness out of the grounds of Curation today, capping off the week with a new track from Farmer Dave and the Wizards of West. Following up the dance-doused last single “Ohana,” Scher continues to setup his upcoming album Second Summer with longform singles that lean on his ability to stretch pop into headier territory. “High Line” has a hugeness to it that runs his All Night Radio pop pedigree through a kind of Mac Davis x Wrecking Crew soaring ‘70s filter. Over a nodding backbeat, the song goes all in on stage-light solos and background vocals, giving this one a sequined grandeur that looks good on Scher. Pushing just over the seven-minute mark, the track never drags, instead letting the momentum of the cut dissipate into smoke as it fades out of view. The track will appear on the upcoming album due soon from Curation.

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