Farmer Dave Scher – “Ocean Eyes”


Been a while since ‘Farmer’ Dave Scher popped up on my radar, but for a good swath of time he was a constant around here from Beachwood Sparks and All Night Radio to The Tyde for a stretch. He’s lent instrumentation to a good couple of dozen more than I can count and he’s swept back into view with The Violators and The Skiffle Players lately, but now he’s back with his first solo songwriter works since his ’09 LP and 7” for Kemado/Mex Sum. While the cosmic folk, gauzy psych, and earthen country remains, there’s a renewed focus on breathing life back into a dying planet its all swept into a dizzying whirlwind of reverberating sound on “Ocean Eyes.” The song’s got a heart that has one hand in the glorious cacophony of Akron/Family and another cradled around his compatriots in Mystic Chords of Memory. Though the tethers don’t keep this one locked anywhere for long — a chorus of voices rises and falls, waves crash, and circular piano swims around and around the song with a comforting cadence. The EP features drop-ins from friends Kurt Vile, Cars McCombs and Dan Horne and it arrives October 2nd on Spiritual Pajamas.

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