Elkhorn – “Lion”


Psych duo Elkhorn likely takes the cake and perhaps the whole bakery with their backstory on the upcoming Lionfish tape prepped for Eiderdown Records. This is undoubtedly the best set of longform jams inspired by and created while using an extracted version of lionfish venom you’re gonna hear. That said the eighteen plus minute opener “Lion” has all the hallmarks of some of the best psych folk. The track builds in slow, reportedly peaking musically at the same time the venom’s effect reaches its zenith. The pair weaves acoustic and electric guitars through verdant passages, echoing wet reverb from the electrics like damp stalactites dripping into pools below.

Even without any lysergic venom coursing through your veins the track is a high order psych ramble that proves the band is onto something. The ebb and flow of “Lion” provides and engrossing rabbit hole of tangled strings, liquid pluck and just a touch of scorch on the back half. If the other half of this tape is even a quarter as heady as this then it begs to be snapped up.

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