EggS – “I Fell In Love”


Nothing but excellence in pop out of the UK’s Prefect Records. Today the label give light to a hard one to get a handle on. As Prefect lay out on their site, EggS are a bit of an enigma, even in their own country. With an impossible to search name and zero online presence the band was eventually tracked down by the label using friends who had seen them live once. A good ol’ fashioned signing story if there ever was one. Their efforts prove worth the pain as the first 7” by the band is touched off by the exuberant indie pop tornado of “I Fell In Love.” With a surge of guitars and keys, the song is hung on gang harmonies that give the song a swell of hope. Quickly becoming one of the best UK labels around (no small feat) this undoubtedly lives up to their boast of it being the best 7” or 2021. The Greatest Hits EP is out October 29th.

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