Dr. Joy – “Signed, The Body Electric”


To be fair, Idee Fixe had me at Matthew ‘Doc’ Dunn on this one. The Canadian songwriter has been on a tear of excellent country-folk albums of late, and he’s always been a consummate sideman, but his collaboration with Jay Anderson as Stonegrass last year pushed far into the cosmic psychedelic realms. Acid-burnt guitars and propulsive arcs pushed the boundaries of the album into the prog waters of Xhol Caravan, Kraan, and Paternoster. He returns to the tainted waters of psychedelia in a new team up with the members of Mr. Joy. Giving the band name a bump up in degree, Dr. Joy swerves out of prog’s waters and into the deep grooves of German Progressives and the hypnotic repetition of ‘70s disco edits. The first single “Signed, The Body Electric” pairs burbling drum patter and collaged vocals with Dunn’s 120 degree scorch of guitar, singing the grooves deep into the listener but leaving room for a heatstroke head trip induction that leads to fevered dance. The new record September 17th from Idée Fixe Records.

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