Dire Wolves – “Spacetime Rider”


Dire Wolves are back in the feed today with a video for what’s probably my favorite cut off of their upcoming LP, Grow Towards The Light. “Spacetime Rider” melds their psychedelic folk with, naturally, a cosmic dosage of Space Rock. The underbelly courses with a throbbing wave of groove causing the head to nod almost unconsciously, but atop the metronomic pulse Georgia Carbone’s vocals weave a hypnotic spell, moaning incantations, mantras, and meditations in a haze of humid heat. Jeffrey Alexander’s guitar threads the needle with slippery perfection while Arjun Mendiratta’s violin saws and swings through the track in wind-whipped gusts. Aside from live tracks, which often find the band sinking deep into the psychedelic haze, this is probably one of the best distillations of the band’s sound- a heady vortex that’s as delightful as it is disorienting. Check out the natural splendor of the band’s video above.

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