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Been no secret around here that Dire Wolves have burnt through the psychedelic space dust at an incredible pace, laying an enviable run of LPs in their wake over the past few years on Cardinal Fuzz, Beyond Beyond is Beyond, Feeding Tube, and Centripetal Force. Few are gonna be as hard to lay your hands on as this one here, but there’s still time so I’m giving you all a heads up on this latest trip into the folds of the universe. Recorded just post the double killers Grow Towards The Light and I Just Wasn’t Made For These Set Times, the recording utilizes the same lineup (Carbone, Lucas, Bosco, Mendiratta, Alexander) and captures the same crystalized haze as that double shot of brain melt. This new set was recorded by Glenn Donaldson at his Bolinas studio, the same one that would host his session for Painted Shrines, and it captures the band at their peak, hurtling into view with a 22-minute sound seance that exemplifies the soul-scrape that only the Wolves can achieve.

The opener moves from cavernous vocal gymnastics by Georgia Carbone through Alexander’s guitar squall and the flayed violin of Mendiratta, as always inventing a new language of sorrow bonded to sinew that vibrates between the frequencies of their sound. While its anchored to the weighty opener and formidable closer, the breezy interim of “Porchwind” captures their turbulence and temperament in compact form. They forge “The Sounding Line,” a bout of cosmic synth exploration, before the band is headed back into the inner realms once more, traversing the catacombs of sonic devastation. DWLVS will exhume the ghosts of a past life buried three centuries deep and leave the mind burned clean for a new day. Few documents prove that better than Bolinas’ deep burn. The record is limited to 100 copies, and can be had through their Bandcamp subscription series, which is still open to new members.

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