David Nance/Pearl Lovejoy Boyd/James Schroeder – “Poison”


This one slipped out during a Bandcamp Friday rush last month and got buried in the debris (as often happens). While the short-run tape is sold out, the digital is just as vital, an excellent backyard session from Omaha’s great David Nance. Featuring friends Pearl Lovejoy Boyd and James Schroeder, Nance tackles a few new tracks and some old favorites with a relaxed air — country blues with an ambience of birds n’ weedwhackers, trucks, and truth. This is, perhaps, just the way to experience any of Nance’s works and it winds up a nice collection and a vital companion to the emergence of spring weather. Duck on over to Nance’s Bandcamp to grab this. Ash Wednesday is spool to spool necessities to get your day runnin’.

Support the artist. Buy it HERE.

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