Dark Canyon – “Theme From Dead Man”


Really loving this cover of Neil Young’s “Dead Man” theme this morning from Chicago’s Dark Canyon. If you’d caught any wind of Mike Franz Novak’s 2022 eponymous outing, it should come as little surprise that Young’s spectral Western score would be at the top of the influences list for Dark Canyon. While Novak’s opus is a thickly orchestrated homage to Spaghetti Westerns, here the stable of players is stripped away. With deference to Young’s original score, Novak captures the cavernous sound of his guitar live to tape and 16 mm film at Treehouse Studios sound stage in Chicago Illinois. The video captures a two minute version of the theme, but snagging the download will net you a longer version as well. Dead Man was always one of my favorites from Jarmusch, in no small part because of Young’s score. It’s a nice slice of desperation for the start of a November week.

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