Daniel Romano – “Into A Rainbow”


This one’s been rolling around for a little bit, but at the rate Romano kicks out albums I’m keeping up just fine. The Canadian songwriter knocked out a good ten albums last year and he’s starting out 2021 with another gem. Recorded mostly solo, Kissing The Foe, has a bit of pent up studio pop sparkle. It thrusts Romano’s songs into shades of Todd Rundgren’s early work, or Roy Wood in full Mustard immersion. Even with a core of one, Romano can’t help but serve up grand pop statements, full bloom and overflowing with gorgeous detail. There are plenty of hooks, but its the luxurious environs he builds around them that make Kissing The Foe among his greats from the last year. The shimmering “Into A Rainbow” swings through tempos, with a charge of acoustic guitar giving it a slight glam stomp before cascades of vocal harmonies pull it into a more AOR soul-pop direction. Can’t go wrong keeping an eye on DR’s Bandcamp for more music than you can possibly ingest.

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