Damon & Naomi with Michio Kurihara – “Sailing By”


A new record from indie greats Damon & Naomi is on its way this year and they’ve tapped friend and fellow luminary Michio Kurihara (Ghost, White Heaven, Cosmic Invention) to help out. The guitarist has worked with the band previously on a live album and single, but this marks the first time in ten years that the trio has reunited. The album, and first song are rooted in sleep rituals, meditative lulls, and anchor points to keep life from roaming adrift. “Sailing By” is named for a piece of classical music that plays at the tail of the final broadcast on BBC. It follows the Shipping Forcast, which lists sailing conditions for towns along the coast — a meditative mantra of wind speeds and towns with quaint names that feel like storybook dreams murmured through the the half-haze of sleep. The song is an ode to calm. As Kurkowski sings, “And we were sailing by / Under a starry sky / Watching all our cares float on by” the gentle rock of the song’s chorus and Kurihara’s melted silver guitar coat the listener’s nerves. The new album, A Sky Record, is out August 6th from the band’s label 20 20 20.

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