Over the past few years Cindy has evolved from the muffled, flannel-lined pop that first cropped up the band’s first couple of offerings around 2018 and 2020. As 2021’s 1:2 surfaced, Karina Gill was still weaving dimly lit bedroom tapestries, but the room itself had become more brightly decorated and ornately detailed. She continues that trajectory with Why Not Now?. The latest album lets even more light into her sanctuary of sound. Though it was still often crafted with Gill sequestered alone, this time she’s reached out further to the surrounding San Francisco indie pop community to splash a bit more color and contrast into Cindy’s world. Members of Rays, The World, April Magazine, Flowertown, seablite, The Telephone Numbers, Whitney’s Playland, and Sad-Eyed Beatniks all lend a hand.

The collective spirit pulls Cindy from the shadows. There’s still a feeling of stillness and solitude that could never really be shaken from Gill’s works, but with somber viola, layers of guitar, and backing vocals, the seclusion feels more like refuge than withdrawal. Gill’s songs are more than just muffled musings as might have been inferred from early works. Beneath the calm and composed exterior pop touches cross in intricate stitching. Buoyed beyond the tape hiss her lyrics wind introspection around insight, a troubadour far afield from the typical trappings of the form, ensconced instead in the haze of indie pop. The last album felt like a new chapter for Cindy and in tune with its temperament Why Not Now? swiftly saunters into the light with an open heart.

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